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another broker Buying a binary options contract That has been very popular continuously now. With a broker called Quotex , you may find the name of this broker, for example quotex.io or quotex.com or qxberoker.com. These three names are considered They are all under quorex brokers.

So in this article I’m going to take you to know more about quotex brokers so that you have enough information to make a decision on whether or not you should sign up for quotex and use quotex. who?

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

What is Quotex?

Quotex is an alternative broker for digital investing through the web. More than 100 global asset markets are selected for you to trade. The quotex platform was founded in 2020 by the founding company Maxbit LLC. Its office locations are First Floor, First St Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent und die. Grenadin

Deciding to trade with quotex can generate returns per trade of up to 95%. For example, if you buy a binary options EURUSD contract at $1000 in an uptrend. and if you predict the direction is cheap when the contract expires You will receive a return including the security deposit you place. $1950 or $950 net profit and all this can happen in just 1 minute!

If summarizing the quotex offer details to new traders Below is what members will receive:

topic details
1.Minimum deposit $10
2. Withdrawal Limits no limit
The minimum deposit for opening a position is $1
4. Demo accounts are available and free!
5.Maximum yield 95%
6. The highest bonus money has and up to 300%
7. Assets to choose to trade Forex, stocks, crypto, gold, oil, etc.
8. How to deposit and withdraw moneyQR code. Thai Bank, Online Banking, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, USDT
9.Support, chat and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
10. Language Support Thai and more than 20 languages
11. Financial Auditing Agency IFMRRC
The table shows: what quotex traders get when they sign up.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Is Quotex safe?

This question is very important. because our funds when paid We must ensure that it is safe. No risk to the closed web Which everyone knows that in the binary options trading industry. There are many brokers. Opened up to defraud members’ finances, so what we can be sure is The broker must be a member. An independent organization that performs financial audits.

And when I reviewed the broker Quotex, it was discovered that it is licensed by an independent financial auditing and regulatory body called Quotex. The International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) has a license number TSRF RU 0395 AA V0161.

Also, when I checked, it was found that this quotex company is officially registered and has the company code 226716. I also tried to check Quotex’s negative news and found that there was not much negative or fraud news. So it can be concluded that Quotex broker is a broker that is safe for membership and trading.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Is Quotex legal in a personal sense?

First of all, you have to understand directly that if you live in Thailand. Trading binary options contracts is prohibited by the general public under Thai law.

But this law is not a restriction. You can apply for a broker that opens binary options contracts. So in terms of use is that the application can be done Only Thai law does not certify that broker, which means

If the binary options brokers cheat, they close themselves away from those who are members of such brokers. will not be able to claim any damages at all 100%

So it is for this reason that Quotex broker is aware of this issue. and the matter of traders’ confidence Therefore, the broker Quotex decided to apply for membership in the agency. International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) to have an independent organization like the SEC to inspect and financial control

Therefore, although Thai law does not guarantee But we can be relieved that At least there’s an independent financial body called (IFMRRC) that does the transparency audit on our behalf. which is an independent organization that is recognized in the world

Also, if we take Quotex brokers to search for damages such as litigation and fraud, we will find that apart from spam news that is bad for Quotex brokers, Quotex brokers have no bad news. or any litigation story

Therefore, in my personal opinion, I believe that Quotex is one of the new rising star quality brokers. that we can trust to use the service And make money from trading safely for sure.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Review of how to trade binary options with Quotex .

Before you go to the broker Quotex, I would like you to review how to trade binary options with Quotex first to understand what matters to you.

1. Your minimum deposit is $1 only.

Quotex gives every trader the opportunity to start their career as a trader with as low as $10 or about 380 baht in Thailand. Deposits can be made via QR Payment or through Thai online banks. fast and convenient And now, Quotex is also accepting more crypto deposits such as Bitcoin.

2. Position opening margin is $1

The margin allowed by Quotex to open options contracts. As low as $1 only, or around $38, which gives you a better chance of making profits from trading.

For example, if you deposit $10 into Quotex, you can still trade $1 for at least 10 contracts. It’s enough for you to start making profits in the market.

3. There are many assets to choose to trade such as Forex, cryptocurrencies, etc.

You can choose from a wide range of assets to trade with Quotex. The assets available to trade at quotex include the following assets:

  • Forex or currency
  • crypto
  • commodity
  • share

You don’t have to trade every asset. But you just choose to trade binary options. In assets only you are proficient in, for example, if you specialize in the crypto market. You can choose to trade options in the crypto market.

4. The maximum return is 90%

Another highlight of the Quotex broker is the payout per contract. This gives up to 90%. For example, you trade BTCUSD options with $10,000 margin. It turns out that you predicted the price direction correctly. You may get up to 90% return, which is $900 on the security deposit!

But you have to understand that. The returns are not dependent on the market. But only at the broker Quotex because of options contracts. It is a contract between a broker and a trader, not a market and a trader.

According to the data, Quotex broker pays traders between 80 %-90% per contract, but sometimes it pays lower.

5. Option contract period to choose from 60 seconds – 1 day

Options contracts at Quotex are available from 1 minute to 1 day. The rate of return received is also not the same, usually if the amount of time is greater. The rate of return that Quotex pays will decrease.

But usually it doesn’t decrease much. Compared to other brokers

6.Choose to receive a bonus as credit trading up to 100%

Another thing you need to know is When you become a member of the Quotex broker, you can choose to receive a deposit bonus. So that you have financial credit to trade more. Currently, there are two types of deposit bonuses:

  • 1. First Deposit Bonus – Get up to 30%, only available if you sign up for Quotex and make your first deposit.
  • 2. Subsequent Deposit Bonuses – Get up to 100% on subsequent deposits reaching the specified threshold.

understand about Bonus amount! is when you get the deposit bonus amount. Such amount will be credit only. Can’t actually withdraw money.

For example, you deposit $1000, get $300 bonus, $300 amount cannot be withdrawn, so please think carefully before using the deposit bonus. If you don’t want the hassle of withdrawing your funds, you may choose not to claim the deposit bonus .

In the next step, you will learn the basics of how to deposit Quotex and how it is done.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

How to deposit Quotex intro

You can also deposit money into Quotex broker, the following methods are…

Deposit Method Minimum Amount Maximum Amount Bonus Deposit Terms
Visa or MasterCard 1,882 baht 376,203 baht 20-35% must add a card on the profile page first.
USDT, BTC 315 baht No 20-35% Recommended USDT (BEP20) only
Bank of Thailand 753 baht 500,000 baht 20-35% Not recommended
Thailand QR banking 315 baht 3,000,000 baht 20-35% recommend this method
Promptpay 315 baht 500,000 baht 20-35% recommend this method
TrueMoney Wallet 315 baht 500,000 baht 20-35% recommend this method
Perfect Money 315 baht No 20-35% Not recommended
The table shows how to deposit money into each type of Quotex broker. The currency shown is Thai baht.

from the above table The author provides the following tips to make your Quotex deposit effective and get the most out of it:

1. Don’t make a deposit via card! To avoid card verification issues when withdrawing money

2. If deposit crypto coins, recommend USDT coins (BEP20) only , recommended to transfer from Bitkub.com.

3. Want to deposit money quickly and safely , recommend Promptpay, TrueMoney Wallet, Thailand QR banking only.

4. Will the bonus be used or not? Think carefully.

5. Do not deposit more than 500,000 baht per round per day.

6. Determine the amount of deposits clearly, such as once a day or once a month for future tax benefits.

Do not deposit money by other unconventional methods other than those recommended. don’t bypass the law don’t break the law Depositing money is not money laundering. Because the income we have to pay taxes as well. So it’s best to leave it right, direct and clear.

The author now believes that You already understand how to deposit Quotex. If you want to study in detail the process of depositing Quotex, you can click on the link in the deposit table above. to study in a step by step way.

in the next step The author will take you to understand how to profit from Quotex and how to do it.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

How to profit from trading with Quotex

The most important aspect of Quotex trading is profitability. So, how can we make a profit? In this topic, the author will take you to understand how. This will help you to use this knowledge to make better profits.

Clearly understand binary options contracts.

Trading at Quotex broker only sells one contract. called a contract Binary options which this contract There is an easy way to make profits:

1. Traders predict the direction of the asset price in the future in the right way. Above (up) or below (down) the current price

For example!

Buy an option contract on EUR/JPY, yield is 85% with a deposit of 35 baht. Predict that the price of EUR/JPY at the expiration of 1 minute (3.32 PM) will be higher than the price at the time of purchase (3.31 PM). The results showed that the prediction was correct. The trader received a total profit of 64.75 baht or net profit = 64.75-35 = 29.75 baht.

โดยกำไรสุทธิที่เราได้รับคือ จำนวนเงินที่ได้รับ - เงินประกัน = กำไรสุทธิ

compared to eating Binary options trading When it is profitable, it is like eating rice. It is a word, a word, that is a profit from time to time. The contract is terminated.

But when trading CFD contracts, it is like sucking on nectar. Therefore, there will be a lot of nectar (silver)

Therefore, we found the fact that Most of the financial billionaires who are traders secretly trade binary options contracts because it doesn’t take long to get their money.

So, summarize! Predict the right future price direction and make profit with Quotex instantly.

in the next topic The author would like to explain the term little contract period For the correct understanding, do not expect it to move.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Understand the term of the contract

One point that we need to understand clearly is Binary options contracts have the heart of “contract tenure”, which, if it is a general derivatives trading market. The contract life can be months or even years, but in Quotex brokers the contract life varies greatly, namely…

We can choose the contract period as needed.

The time frame is from 5 seconds until 1 day as shown below.

Term option contract-quotex

One thing that comes into play with the contract is price volatility You must always recite this rule. before the expiration of the contract, that is

ยิ่งอายุสัญญาสั้น ราคาสินทรัพย์ยิ่งผันผวนมาก

Some people don’t understand this rule. When trading Quotex at the age of 60 seconds, the price chart moves up and down so quickly that they lose. and make traders understand that the chart is cheating but actually It’s the price volatility itself. The Quotex broker has nothing to do with price action.

and to make you aware of the importance of price volatility The author has created a table that summarizes the volatility of the asset price below. for the sake of understanding

Contract period (Time out) Price volatility The risk of price surges
5 s (5s) max . max.
10s (10s) max . max.
15s (15s) max . max.
30 s (30s) max . max.
1 min (1m) max . max.
2 minutes (2m) max . max.
3 min (3m) max . max.
5 min (5m) max . max.
10 minutes (10m) max . max.
15 minutes (15m) high , high, especially if there is news.
30 minutes (30m) Moderate Moderate
1 hour (1h) Moderate Moderate to low
4 hours (4h) low low
1 day (1d) very low, very low, and the news can’t surge.
The table shows: data on the volatility of the option contract renewal price.

Now that you know exactly how the asset price fluctuates with the contract renewal, then find a contract term that allows you to trade Quotex and make the most profit. This may be due to the trial of each trading period manually. So you can see that you are trading at what contract life is the best!

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

About Trading Fees

How are trading fees charged? Let’s see.

The first type is the Quotex deposit fee. Fees are charged according to the table below:


deposit fee

Deposit method Fees Description
Visa or MasterCard depends on Visa MasterCard Quotex does not charge a fee.
USDT, BTC based on Quotex network , no fees.
Bank of Thailand None None
Thailand QR banking None None
Promptpay No No
TrueMoney Wallet No No
Perfect Money is based on Perfect Money Quotex, no fees.
The table shows: Fee Rates for Deposits to Quotex

All in all, Quotex broker does not charge any fees on traders’ deposits. Unless it is a Visa MasterCard deposit or cryptocurrency or Perfect Money where you may be required to pay a fee to such systems.

withdrawal fee

Withdrawal Method Fees Description
Visa or MasterCard No No
USDT, BTC based on Quotex network , no fees.
Bank of Thailand None None
Thailand QR banking None None
Promptpay No No
TrueMoney Wallet No No
Perfect Money No No
The table shows: Fees for withdrawing funds from QUotex.

As for withdrawal fees, Quotex does not charge traders any fees except for cryptocurrency withdrawals. The trader has to pay for the Network by himself a little bit.

and the last part is Opening and Closing Fees for Binary Options Contracts Quotex does not charge any fees.

So if you don’t want to pay a fee Then take the above table into consideration for deposit, withdrawal, Quotex for the next section. I’m going to take you to see what the Quotex platform has…

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

An example of the Quotex platform and how to use it.

Quotex is a platform designed to be very easy to use. And respond to every device. We can divide the platform into categories. are as follows:

  • 1.Quotex Web Platfrom
  • 2.Quotex Mobile Platfrom
  • 3.Quotex Application

by which we can conclude The advantages and disadvantages of each type of Quotex platform are as follows:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Quotex Web Platfrom 1. Trade on your computer. 2.Login directly from the main website The easiest way to set indicators and charts 4. No need to download and install any App 1. Must use Computer 2. The internet is disconnected, the signal can be interrupted.
Quotex Mobile Platfrom 1.Trade on your mobile. (open via web browser) 2. Trade anywhere, anytime 3. No need to download, install any App 1. Must use a good browser to open 2. Open the wrong website, may be hacked
Quotex Application 1.Trade on your mobile phone. 2. Trade anytime, anywhere 3. The most stable because it uses a mobile signal 4. 100% safe against Hacker 1. Can only be used on mobile
data table Pros and cons of each type of Quotex Platfrom

Every platform has different strengths. Therefore, traders can choose to use each platform. Only according to the situation that is suitable for oneself is enough.

Quotex Mobile Web Platform

For the next topic We will look at how to open a position in each type of how to do it (very easy). We will use Quotex Mobile Platfrom as an example. Ready, let’s go see how to do it.

How to open a Position Buy

Opening a Position Buy is a prediction that the future asset price at time out is higher than the asset price at the moment of opening the position.

By opening a Position Buy, do the following:

  • 1. Select the asset you want to trade, for example AUD/CAD 71%.
  • 2. Set the time the contract will expire (Time out), e.g. expires at 07.44
  • 3.Place a security deposit for example $1000
  • 4. Press the green button “Up”

waiting for contract expiration If the asset price is higher than the price at the moment of opening the position, you will receive a net profit of 71% from the margin price, i.e. $710.

The next step will be to teach you how to open a sell position.

How to open a sell position

Opening a Position Sell means predicting that the future asset price at the time of the contract is lower than the asset price at the moment of opening the position.

By opening a Sell position, do the following:

  • 1. Select the asset you want to trade, for example AUD/CAD 71%.
  • 2. Set the time the contract will expire (Time out), e.g. expires at 07.44
  • 3.Place a security deposit for example $1000
  • 4. Press the red button “Down”

waiting for contract expiration If the asset price is lower than the price at the moment of opening the position, you will receive a net profit of 71% from the margin price, i.e. $710.

How are you doing? Have you seen the opening picture of the position? As you can see, trading Quotex is not difficult because the Platfrom system is designed to support traders.

Now you can clearly visualize the opening of the position in the next section. I’m going to take you to learn how to open a trading account with Quotex broker.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

How to open a trading account with Quotex broker

How to open a trading account with Quotex broker:

You can choose to learn how to apply for Quotex immediately through each link. Study it from the table below.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Apply for Quotex via the web on your computer 1. 100% safe. 2. It’s very easy to see the information fields. 3. Can do immediately 1. Must use a computer
Apply for Quotex via mobile web 1. 100% safe. 2. You can do it right from your mobile phone. 1. Must use a mobile phone
Apply for Quotex via App 1. 100% safe. 2. You can do it right from your mobile phone. 3. You may have entered the wrong application process. 1. Must use mobile phone only
data table Pros and cons of each Quotex subscription

in the next topic I’m going to walk you through the Quotex account types, how many types of accounts the broker offers, and what benefits each one offers. Ready to go study.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Account Type Quotex

For Quotex, there are 3 types of accounts as follows:

  • 1.Trial account
  • 2. Standard account
  • 3. Pro account
  • 4.VIP account

The basic details of each account are as follows.

1.Trial account

The demo account or demo account will be the first account you get. After filling out a free Quotex application in this account. You will be credited with $10,000 for trial trading. And the usage menu will be available for some menus. This account we will always receive and can switch to the standard account at any time.

2. Standard account

Standard account or sometimes we call it real account. This happens only when we have deposited at least $10 to Quotex for the first time, we can immediately open this account.

3. Pro account

Upgrading yourself to Account Pro This happens only when you make any deposit of at least $1,000 which will result in you receiving unrivaled privileges.

4.VIP account

The last type of account is called VIP account. In this account, you will need to deposit at least $5000 to Quotex in order to get the maximum benefits of Quotex.

Now, to give you a clearer picture of the types of Quotex accounts, I would like to summarize the following tables for you to consider.

Types, conditions , benefits
1.Trial account 1. Sign up for free for the first time. 1. Get $10,000 credit. 2. Free trial
2. Standard account 1.Make a real deposit of at least $10 1.Trade and get real profits. 2. Get % standard return
3.Pro Account 1.Make a real deposit of at least $1000 1.Trade and get real profits. 2. Get a % return of 2% from the standard return. 3. Get a special code to use in trading via email.
4. VIP account 1. Deposit at least $5000 real money 1. Trade and get real profits. 2. Get a % return of 4% from the standard return. 3. Get a special code to use in trading via email.
data table Quotex membership account types and their benefits

which, if considering the above information We will get more information. If you are a VIP member, the highest market return of 95% will be converted to 99% for you immediately! The return of this size has a small effect on the issuance of the position to make a profit for sure. And it also reduces the financial risk in binary options trading!

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

How to do identity verification or KYC with Quotex broker?

The last thing you need to understand is If you want to use Quotex broker, you need to do KYC or verification with Quotex to prevent money laundering. And it’s also a guarantee of your Quotex trader status.

Documents required

  • 1. Picture of Thai ID card, front and back, .jpg file or…
  • 2. Passport image, .jpg file or
  • 3.Picture of driver’s license .jpg file

You can use your mobile phone camera to take pictures of the above documents. must be clear and only symmetry is enough

To study the KYC Quotex process in detail<< click here

consideration period

Although the Quotex broker usually takes 2-3 business days to consider, in reality it takes a lot of time. You may only spend a few hours waiting for the Approve to verify your identity.

And after you Approve KYC successfully You can trade Quotex right away.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Conclusion on Quotex

If you are looking for an alternative binary options broker. that is growing fast Over the traditional binary options brokers, quotex is one of the brokers that you should definitely study and open a trial account.

Today, there are still few users. So you yourself can profit from trading Quotex more conveniently and if you want to grow your business into trading teacher You can choose Quotex Affiliate as your travel companion. with better returns conditions than many brokers today

So if you like this broker Free Trial and try to use it This broker may change your life forever.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

Pros and Cons of Quotex

At this point, I believe that you are well acquainted with Quotex broker and have enough confidence to choose this broker. Be your binary options broker.

What is a broker-quotex-?

So in the end, I’ve put together the pros and cons of Quotex brokers at the end so that you have all the information before deciding to become a member of Quotex by…

The pros and cons of Quotex are as follows:

The advantages and disadvantages
1. 100% free subscription, nothing hidden. Thai people are not familiar with
2. 100% Thai language support, no support Thai people to answer Thai language
3. Real graphs are not fake.
4. Very easy deposit via QR or crypto
5 , withdraw money quickly, no need to wait as long as some brokers
6 English support available 24/7
data table Pros and Cons of Quotex Brokers

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

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