How to verify identity (KYC) with Quotex latest update

After you have successfully applied for Quotex , in this step, you will learn how to verify your identity or do KYC with Quotex broker . which the author recommends that you follow as well ready to act Read the message below.

Steps to verify your KYC identity with Quotex

1. You log in to the Dashboard page, then look for the menu “Profile” and click.

2. Proceed to fill in the information according to the instructions below.

  • 1. Put your picture The author recommends a size of no less than 250PX x 250PX JPG or PNG files.
  • 2. Nickname You will change your nickname. Or you can leave it alone.
  • 3.Name Please enter your real name in English.
  • 4. Surname Please enter your real last name in English.
  • 5. Date of birth Please enter a number and end with the year.
  • 6. Country, select Thailand (or according to your country)
  • 7. Address Please specify the correct address as shown on your ID card. in english
  • 8. Press the blue button. “Change identity”

3. Then continue as shown below.

  • 9. You have to prepare a photo of your ID card, front and back, or it can be a passport photo. then you press the button “Upload Documents”

4. Then continue as shown below.

  • 10. Upload an image file of your ID card, 1 front file, followed by 1 back image.
  • 11. Once the two files have been uploaded successfully, press the green button that says “Send confirmation”

5. Then continue as shown below.

Wait a few hours and Quotex will send a letter to Approve verifying your identity with Quotex as shown below.

6. Go to check the Approve letter.

which from now on You can use Quotex with all the functions already.

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