How to deposit with Promptpay into Quotex (one time pass)

In this article, you will learn how to deposit Thai baht into Quotex broker using QR Code Promptpay deposit method, which is very simple and allows you to trade Quotex quickly. Let’s see how to deposit money.

Agreement before deposit

1.Baht is in Thai online bank account or Promptpay account.

2. Decide whether to accept the bonus or not.

3. Do not deposit more than 500,000 baht per time.

4.If you deposit money into Promptpay, you can only withdraw money to Promptpay account.

Terms of depositing with PromptPay account

amount of deposit balance
Minimum deposit amount (Thai baht) 315 baht
Maximum deposit amount (Thai baht) 500,000 baht

Steps to deposit with Promptpay are as follows:

Description The picture shown below is a method of depositing money into Quotex via mobile web. But if you’re using a computer or the Quotex app, the same procedure is also used in the image below. can follow

1. Log in to your Quotex account.

2.Then click on the green “Deposit” button on the top right corner of the screen.

3. Look for the Electronic Payment Systems category and click on Promptpay as in the image below.

4. Enter the minimum amount you want to deposit. and proceed according to the picture

  • 1. Fill in the required deposit amount.
  • 2. Press the dark blue button that says “Deposit”

5. The system will display THAI QR PAYMENT as shown in the picture below, let us save or capture the image to open in the Thai Banking Online app or in your PromptPay account.

6. Complete the deposit until you get the slip as shown in the picture below.

7. Then go back to Dashboard of your quotex. If you can’t go, you can login again. You will find that the balance appears in the top left corner. It is assumed that your PromptPay deposit is 100% complete.

That’s it, your money is ready to trade Quotex. Have fun trading Quotex and don’t forget to improve your skills even more.

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