How to apply for a one-time mobile quotex through 2022

In this article, the author will teach you how to apply for quotex via mobile web. The application process is very easy. You can follow the steps shown here. By every step, the information has been updated successfully. For the quotex application process, the steps are as follows:

how to apply for quotex on mobile

1. You click here to go to the quotex application page.

2. Proceed according to the picture.

  • 1.Email : Enter your e-mail address that can be contacted. Use Gmail only.
  • 2.Password : Set your secure password. and do not forget to remember
  • 3.Currency : Choose THB, but if you are in another country Allows you to choose the currency that corresponds to your country.
  • 4. Tick the check mark.
  • 5. Press the blue button “Register”

3. When you click on the blue button The system will take you to the page below. You may choose to click on the button. “Trade on a demo account” is fine, but I recommend that. Please close this page first. Because we will stand to stand the email first, so you open the email.

4. Once the email is opened, look for a letter from “Quotex Confirmation Email”, then click on it.

5. Then click on the green button. “Confirm email”

6. Once clicked The system will load to the page as shown in the image below. (Sometimes it may load to the registration page for you to login into the system again).

The next step is to do KYC or identity verification. You can learn how to do KYC by clicking here.

Once you have successfully applied for a quotex on your mobile phone. in the next step I recommend you Verify your identity or do KYC with quotex immediately. After we send information to quotex we will have at least 1-2 days.

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