What is put option?

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The next trading term is called Put option, sometimes abbreviated as Put or Down. What is the significance of this term? what does it mean How important is it to binary options trading and ultimately how to use a put option? This article has the answer for you. What is put option? Put option, sometimes … Read more

What are call options?

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Trading terminology Importantly, this word is called Call option , or many times it is often called Call or currently is the word Up. What is this word and what does it mean? How important is it to trade binary options or option contracts? And finally, how to use Call option properly, what to do … Read more

What is quotex affiliate?

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Quotex affiliate is a brokerage program for Quotex brokers. You can earn commissions on your brokerage with Quotex affiliate program. Earned income is a very sustainable passive income. Who is suitable for Quotex affiliate program? Who is suitable for Quotex affiliate? Now let’s explore who or what career groups are suitable to apply for quotex … Read more

What are bonuses?

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Bonus is the extra money that the broker gives you. When you perform any activity as required by Quotex brokers, such as first signing up for Quotex or first topping up or depositing the required amount. Usually, the bonus money cannot be withdrawn. Unless the particular Binary options broker is the one who set it up.

What are binary options?

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Binary option, pronounced bi-na-ry-option, refers to a type of financial contract. There is an agreement between the contract buyer, the trader, and the contract seller, the broker. The seller allows the buyer to predict the price of the asset that the seller determines in the future will increase or decrease at the time of the contract, with a clear term of the contract.